Unique Residential and Commercial Cleaning, LLC

"A Unique Cleaning, In A Unique Way"

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Residential Cleaning

Unique not only clean and sanitize residential homes but we wash laundry, make beds, organize, pack/unpack, wash dishes, remove lime, calcium, water build up from toilets, remove tough stains, grease and build up on ovens and stoves surfaces, remove pet hairs on majority  of  furniture and surfaces, we organize and pack. We leave all our homes dust and  allergen free. 

Pictures of finished services.

Commercial Cleaning

Unique caters to all your cleaning needs. Unique keeps a keen eye on areas of concern. We supply all cleaning equipment, supplies, 

we organize and you can opt to use "Eco Friendly Green Products". We enforce quality control and Customer Service.

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Foreclosure, Realestate and more.......

We sub-contract with other companies. As having experience in this area Unique knows sometimes we can take on to much than we can handle.  If  you are an out of state business and need an in state (SC) contractor.  Unique can help with                                                     that . We also specialize in "After Party Clean-up" and we clean "Post- Construction                                                       Site"