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 Packing/Unpacking and Organizing

Organizing and Housekeeping
Unique Residential and Commercial Cleaning-Organizing

 It's very easy to get organizing and housekeeping confused. These are two totally different cleanings. In housekeeping we clean up, throw items away, put items away, carry them to their original destination. While organizing, you just simply move and exchange items around to give a more appealing and elaborate look. You can almost put organizing in the category of decorating. We include organizing to cleaning and sanitizing of the restrooms. This is applied to all of our cleaning packages.  

The picture to the left is a perfect example of organizing. Everything you see was never moved but organized. Every item on the table is still there but just moved around to bring out a more appealing, spacious and elaborate look (papers are stacked behind aquarium.)  Organizing is just one of many things that we do DAILY.

Just as much as we organize we pack and unpack too. We just simply pack items such as clothes, seasonal items etc. in totes, plastic bags or boxes, whatever your preference might be. If we have to fetch these items from basement, attic and rooms we ask that they are easily accessible. We will also put all items away in your area of choice. This is just many of things that makes us Unique. We are not your average cleaning company. We offer a variety of services to fit your cleaning needs. We like to call ourselves a one stop shop.